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Health & Safety

NSL’s complies with all quality aspects of IS 1983 with the operation of the laboratory, and has implemented and enforced the highest Australian standards across all other operations.

In support of a strong safety focus the NSL Team at the stockyard attended the regional Mine Owners Association meeting and subsequently participated in the regional safety inspections.

In 2011, out of 8 major mines in the region NSL was awarded first place based on the inspection of our stockyard and laboratory. The award is for maintaining the standard safety rules according to the Indian Mining Act, best working method. The safety inspectors inspected everything at the mine and graded the mines based on these scores.

NSL is committed to providing a safe workplace. NSL has taken steps to ensure that, as a minimum, India’s regulatory standards are met, and the Company has implemented measures in support of its aspiration to introduce the highest possible occupational health and safety standards across all of its operations.