In India, NSL has engaged local staff and advisers, Indian Legal Advisors, Hemant Sahai and Associates, to assist the Company in understanding and complying with local legislation and regulations.

The Company has sourced local employees, contractors and consultants to carry out its operations and is continuing with the policy to hire people from the villages in the vicinity of the Projects.

NSL invited local village elders to host an opening and naming ceremony for its Kuja Project. Local people selected the names of NSL’s first two Projects in accordance with local customs.

The Company has established a positive and harmonious relationship with local communities through initiatives focussed around health, education, sanitation and local employment. NSL looks forward to continuing its engagement and support of local villages.

NSL has also taken a proactive approach to engaging in the communities around its two mining operations. Having a positive relationship with local communities is a key component of NSL’s “social licence to operate” in Andhra Pradesh.